Bastyr Pediatric Shift

Bastyr University provides an External Clinic Shift at NFM on Wednesday afternoons from 1:30pm – 4:30pm.

This is for pediatric visits only.

This shift will include visits with advanced students from Bastyr University and will be supervised by Dr. Evans. Well-child exams, sick visits, vaccinations, etc. can all be accommodated. Anything pediatric related!

This is an excellent opportunity for those families without health insurance or those without ND coverage on their plan. If your child has insurance with ND coverage, we can bill the insurance as usual and copays will apply.

Patient fees for services on Bastyr shift:

New patient visits
75 minutes – $75

Return patient visits
45 minutes (all established NFM patients) – $50

Well-child exams
45 minutes (any age) – $50

Labs on shift (strep tests, Hgb, glucose, UA)
Free to $10 each (depending on donated supplies)

State supplied vaccines
Only $10! (unless you have insurance coverage, then we will bill insurance)

Supplements are provided by Bastyr for FREE to patients seen on shift.